Day 135 - Chocolate

Inside this little box was a delicious chocolate shaped like a tiered birthday cake.  It was a gift from a friend to celebrate my birthday.


Days 129 - 134 - Another round of "catch up"

Another busy week and little time for posting; but I did take pictures. :)

Day 134 - First Toadie ~ we caught our first toad of the season, I'm sure there will be many more.

Day 133 - First Froggie ~ the first frog in our pond

Day 132 - Thistle

Day 131 - Ornamental Onion

Day 130 - I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

Day 129 - Digging in ~ this little chickadee was really working hard for his snack!


Day 128 - Ready for take-off

Snack time is over & he is ready to go.

Day 127 - Still waiting

Still waiting for a certain someone to make an appearance...

...hopefully one day soon.


Day 126 - Birthday cake?

My mom isn't going to be here for my birthday next week, so last night she stopped by with something to take the place of my birthday cake...Lobster anyone?

Thanks Mom!

Day 125 - One of my favorite scents

Lilacs!  My lilacs are starting to bloom, I love, love, love how they smell.

I'm not very happy with this picture, but my choices from Monday are pretty limited, ah well, at least I remembered to shoot something!

Day 124 - Me & my monkeys

Okay, so technically I didn't take this photo. 
I hope you all had as wonderful a Mother's Day I did.

Day 123 - Birthday Pickles

Yes, you read that right - Birthday Pickles.  My sister-in-law received a beautiful birthday present from her little buddy Finn.  When Finn's mom asked him what he would like to give "Aunt Crissie" for her birthday, without hesitation he replied "The biggest jar of pickles ever!"
Happy Birthday Crissie!


Day 122 - Sarah

Had a visit with my beautiful "niece" Sarah today.  Isn't she lovely?

Day 122 - His self portrait

Declan's school is celebrating it's 100th year.  As part of the celebration the students each made a picture representing themselves. 
Declan's is under the doves.


Day 121 - Puppy dog eyes

Don't you just love them?


Day 120 - Cheat

I did not pick up my camera at all today, between the kids, a doctors appointment & a soccer game, I didn't have a chance.  Now I am too tired and mentally drained to come up with something; instead you get a shot from Sunday when my daughter celebrated one of her best friend's 3rd birthday.

Ring Around the Rosie anyone?


Day 119 - Blossoms & Bleeding Hearts

More from my garden...what can I say?  I don't get out much.

Day 118 - Everest

Everyone's Everest is different.

Day 117 - Another Floral

What can I say - I love Spring & all the beautiful flowers it brings.