Day 81 through 87 - Catch Up

I am getting caught up on the photos from the past week.  It has been a kind of crazy week and I didn't put much effort into my 365 project, even though my DSLR is back it was more of a point-and-shoot kind of effort on my part.

Day 87 - Robin

I finally saw my first Robin of the season. :) Spring is officially here!

Day 86 - Daffodils

Day 85 - Stray Socks

I am part of a book club - The Stray Socks Society, Monday was our first meeting.

Day 84 - Present

Day 83 - Todd turns 40
My husband turned 40 and we had a huge shaker here at our place - it was fantastic and I took a grand total of 10 pictures - ah well, I had a blast just the same. This photo is a bit of a cheat - it is a crop of a photo a friend took on my camera - thanks DF.

Day 82 - Light
Day 81 - My D60 arrived back home. :D


Day 80 - Crocus

These wee little flowers are blooming in the backyard.  I love Spring!

And it is entirely possible that these may be the last photos you see from my point-and-shoot Canon for awhile - my Nikon D60 is due to arrive back tomorrow!  I can't wait - I have missed her so!

Day 79 - Feel it

Feel the love. :)

Day 78 - Bench Monday - Unicorns

Isla had her Playmobil Unicorns up on a bed in her dollhouse - I thought it made a fun Bench Monday shot.


Day 77 - Fishy

A tin fish made by a local artisan.  It was given to me as a gift years ago - I still love it.


Day 76 - Rainbow

One of the many rainbows Declan has painted.

Day 75 - Old Oak Tree

So maybe not an oak, but I love this tree in our neighbourhood.  Sadly it isn't doing so well & may need to be cut down.  I hope not.


Day 74 - Hi there!

Shadow play in the yard with the kids - hi there!


Day 73 - Number 73

Our abode also happens to be number 73.  Happy Day 73!

Day 72 - Leffe

Had a pint at the pub after soccer.  We were celebrating a 6-0 win against the team who won the Winter season - it was our second game of the Spring season.  Go Rockers!


Day 71 - Swinging

Monday we did some swinging at the park.

Day 70 - Fortune

Sunday we went out for Chinese - I got good news.

Day 69 - Happy 40th

Saturday there was cake!  Surprise 40th party for a friend - good times!

Sorry about the picture quality, but this is the only shot I have that doesn't party-goers in it!

Day 68 - Battle

I'm finally getting caught up!

Friday night there was a Gogo battle at our place...not too sure who came out on top, but I liked this guy.


Day 67 - Breaking through

We have been having beautiful weather this week - it feels like Spring is almost here.  This plant is always one of the first to break through the soil every year.  I can't remember what it is or what it looks like so I think I will try and snap some photos of it as it grows.  For now I am just enjoying seeing the first signs of Spring.


Day 66 - Isla's Ride

The Red Rocket!  You should see her go!

FYI - in case anyone was wondering, my daughters name is pronounced eye-la.  It is a Scottish name and was chosen to honor her Great Grandfather. <3

And YAY!  I am posting on the actual day I took the photo!

Day 65 - Checkers anyone?

A friendly game in the afternoon.


Day 64 - Bench Monday - Balance

I know I've been terrible at posting my photos on the day I take them lately.  I seem to be perpetually a day behind.
Yesterday's photo is of Isla at her gymnastics class - I was very far away and had to use my 300mm lens.  There is a lot of noise in the photo, I need to work on my technical stuff a bit more.  HBM!


Day 63 - Yawn

I love baby yawns.

Day 62 - Fancy feet

Me & my fancy feet went out for fancy eats last night. FUN!


Day 61 - Stacked

Another much loved toy. Wooden stacking rings.


Day 60 - Sleepy toes

One of my favorite parts of my day is checking in on my sleeping babes.  I love their sleepy little toes.

Day 59 - Bubbles

I tried shooting the bubbles in our fish tank.  I'm not happy with it, but it's late and I'm done.  I will try it again though.


Day 58 - Lady

Meet Lady, one our many well loved trains from the Thomas The Tank Engine series.  Isla loves, loves, loves her trains.  Lady was the engine of choice today.

Day 57 - Happy Bench Monday!

My HBM Bench shot.  I managed to get Jake on the bench for about 30 seconds by holding his ball hostage.  Isla insisted on getting on the bench with him. :)

Day 56 - GOLD!!!

We had a few friends over to watch Canada's men's hockey team beat the USA in the final event of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics; giving Canada a total of 14 Gold medals and the record for the most Gold medals at a Winter Olympics!
Gold Canada Gold!

Day 55 - Glow

A little bit of candlelight to relax by on Saturday night.

I am getting caught up on several days of posts. First it was a busy weekend keeping me from updating and then we were having service issues with our provider - we have been without phone, internet or a tv since Monday. All is finally resolved, so on with my regularly scheduled posting. :)