Day 4

My in-house rock star working on new material.


Day 2 and Day 3

Busy weekend.  Yesterday I did a family photo shoot for a friend.  Day 2's picture is the only photo I took that wasn't of them.  A windmill at a local park. 

Day 2

Last night we went to a "Too early to call it a Christmas Party, Party".  It was a LOT of fun; good friends, good food, good music & lots of dancing!  I barely had the energy to take a photo today - I had a little too much fun thanks to today's subject.

Day 3


I'm baaaccckkk...Day 1 round 2

So I have be MIA for a long time for no really good reason.  Life got in the way, I got behind and was always on the edge of tomorrow - "Tomorrow I'll get back to the blog" - well tomorrow is finally here and I am back on this journey.  Same goals as last time, to learn more about photography and have some fun along the way.  I am looking forward to getting back behind the lens and to checking out everyone else's blogs.
Hello tomorrow!

Today's photo is of one of the awesome little people I get to hang with on a daily basis - Henry & his baby.


Day 135 - Chocolate

Inside this little box was a delicious chocolate shaped like a tiered birthday cake.  It was a gift from a friend to celebrate my birthday.


Days 129 - 134 - Another round of "catch up"

Another busy week and little time for posting; but I did take pictures. :)

Day 134 - First Toadie ~ we caught our first toad of the season, I'm sure there will be many more.

Day 133 - First Froggie ~ the first frog in our pond

Day 132 - Thistle

Day 131 - Ornamental Onion

Day 130 - I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

Day 129 - Digging in ~ this little chickadee was really working hard for his snack!


Day 128 - Ready for take-off

Snack time is over & he is ready to go.

Day 127 - Still waiting

Still waiting for a certain someone to make an appearance...

...hopefully one day soon.


Day 126 - Birthday cake?

My mom isn't going to be here for my birthday next week, so last night she stopped by with something to take the place of my birthday cake...Lobster anyone?

Thanks Mom!

Day 125 - One of my favorite scents

Lilacs!  My lilacs are starting to bloom, I love, love, love how they smell.

I'm not very happy with this picture, but my choices from Monday are pretty limited, ah well, at least I remembered to shoot something!

Day 124 - Me & my monkeys

Okay, so technically I didn't take this photo. 
I hope you all had as wonderful a Mother's Day I did.

Day 123 - Birthday Pickles

Yes, you read that right - Birthday Pickles.  My sister-in-law received a beautiful birthday present from her little buddy Finn.  When Finn's mom asked him what he would like to give "Aunt Crissie" for her birthday, without hesitation he replied "The biggest jar of pickles ever!"
Happy Birthday Crissie!


Day 122 - Sarah

Had a visit with my beautiful "niece" Sarah today.  Isn't she lovely?

Day 122 - His self portrait

Declan's school is celebrating it's 100th year.  As part of the celebration the students each made a picture representing themselves. 
Declan's is under the doves.


Day 121 - Puppy dog eyes

Don't you just love them?


Day 120 - Cheat

I did not pick up my camera at all today, between the kids, a doctors appointment & a soccer game, I didn't have a chance.  Now I am too tired and mentally drained to come up with something; instead you get a shot from Sunday when my daughter celebrated one of her best friend's 3rd birthday.

Ring Around the Rosie anyone?


Day 119 - Blossoms & Bleeding Hearts

More from my garden...what can I say?  I don't get out much.

Day 118 - Everest

Everyone's Everest is different.

Day 117 - Another Floral

What can I say - I love Spring & all the beautiful flowers it brings.


Day 116 - Lava

Declan got a lava lamp for his birthday. 
I snapped a quick couple of shots before heading to bed - apres' soccer & a couple of drinks with the girls, so needless to say, they aren't exactly what I would have liked to capture.
I will try more shots another time - lava lamps are cool.

Day 115 - SIX

He is SIX!  When did that happen?  Hapy Birthday my sweet boy!


Day 114 - Cookies

Declan & I made cookies for him to take to school for his birthday. <3


Day 113 - In a rut

I seem to be shooting the same stuff over and over again - clearly I need to get out more and get myself out of this rut.  But I do enjoy shooting the stuff that surrounds me everyday.  Today, I couldn't decide which photo to use, so you get a bunch.

Jake, watching & waiting for the kids coming down the road.

More Tulips.  I like the light in this one.

A pretty little shrub in our front garden.  I love the delicate white flowers.

Day 112 - Scooby

We celebrated Declan's 6th birthday with a Scooby-Doo mystery party.  Fun was had by all!

Here is the birthday boy post-pinata swing.

I cannot believe he turns six on the 28th.


Day 111 - Ssss

This little fellow was hanging out in our yard today.  He didn't seem to be in much of a hurry, I think he was enjoying the afternoon sun.


Day 110 - Flying high

Okay - technically this photo is a bit of a mess; but it's Friday, we had a BBQ, and some drinks. :)
Todd was throwing Isla sky high & she was loving it!  I grabbed my camera & tried to capture it, in low light, after a few glasses of wine....

And one more, just because...

Days 103 - 109 - Catching up, again.

It's been a crazy week, I am so far behind with everything.  We are getting ready to celebrate Declan's 6th birthday on Sunday, a Scooby-Doo Mystery Party - I still have so much to do.  I have been a bit lazy with my project 365 - I haven't taken a shot for today yet, but thought I would get caught up on the last week while I have a chance.
I hope to get a chance to take a look at some of the blogs I follow and leave some comments - I miss everyone's pictures!
Cheers all & happy shooting!

106 - 109 - Flower Power

The garden is a bloomin'

105 - Feeble attempt

We have a pair of Cardinals that love our yard.  I tried to get a shot of them through the window, with a 300mm lens, without a tripod.  Needless to say, I wasn't very successful.

104 - Relax

Spent the day celebrating one of my BFF's 40th birthday.  The day started at an incredible spa.

103 -Cuddles 

Wee ones cuddling dolls is just plain cute!


Day 102 - Numero Uno

I know, I know, another flower picture, and the 2nd tulip in a row.  What can I say, I love Spring!
This is the first tulip to open in our garden this year.


Day 101 - Declan's Tulip

My son, Declan, has always been obsessed with flowers; in fact for his 3rd & 4th birthdays, he wanted "a purple flower party"  and "a rainbow flower party" respectively.  He loves, loves, loves to pick flowers.  Now my husband loves to grow flowers almost as much as my son loves to pick them; he does not love having his flowers picked.  So when my son found a tulip growing on the side of the road, it was like the holy grail...a garden flower growing wild, just waiting to be picked.  He did & now it is at home on our fish tank in a pretty glass vase looking out on the world.  I feel kind of sad for the tulip's bulb & I hope there is enough stem left to feed it its nutrients so it can come back next year -that is if a squirrel doesn't find it first.
Anyhow, the happiness it brought Declan is priceless & for that I thank this beautiful tulip.

Day 100 - Bust

So I completely forgot today was day 100 of my project 365.  I had hoped to do something special.  Instead I took a couple of quick shots of the hyacinth that is blooming in our garden before rushing off to do errands & play soccer.  I didn't love any of them. And we lost. Boo.
Oh well, hopefully day 200 will be better. :)


Day 99 - Takin' a break

Jake LOVES to play fetch - he is borderline obsessive.  He takes these mini-breaks that last maybe a minute before he is ready to go again.


Day 98 - New wheels

Isla's got a new ride. :)


Day 97 - Baby Blues

Some more wee lovely Spring flowers in our garden.  No idea what they are, but I think they are pretty.