Day 28 - Christening

We christened my ball this afternoon.  We won 5-4 and I scored the game tying goal. :)  My teammate Michelle scored the other 4, including the winner - she was on fire!  Crazy awesome game!


Day 27 - Dancing flames

We had a fire tonight to help combat the frigid temperatures.  I love the way the flames dance.


Day 26 - Flower friend

Today was a bit chilly here in the nations capital, -33 degrees celsius, brrrrr.  Needless to say we didn't venture out. This little guy sits on our fish tank and makes days like these a little less bleak.


Day 25 - My favorite candy

I like the red ones. :)


Day 24 - Meeting Sarah

One of my most favorite people in the whole wide world, had her second daughter on Saturday.  Tonight I got to meet her. 
I am in love. <3


Day 23 - Potpourri

It seems like we are spending way too much time indoors lately and my options for interesting photos are few. Not to mention, with a house full of kids, finding the time to shoot is tricky - a few minutes here and there seems to be the norm. I cannot wait for Spring!
Anyhow, here is my shot for today - the potpourri from my dining room.


Day 22 - Breakfast

Fruit salad anyone?


Day 21 - Fallen

An old tree had fallen on the ice near where we were skating today.

Admittedly, I am not really that happy with the shot; but I had one kid trying to skate around the fallen tree and the other crying to go home - I had to abort the mission.

Bonus Photo for T:

Day 20 - Frosty

My attempt at trying to capture some of the frosty plants down by the river.


Day 19 - Beyond the bridge

Jake and Henry, wondering what, exactly, is out there?


Day 18 - The view from here

Our Snowman, enjoying some late afternoon sunshine.


Day 17 - Dentist Success

Today Declan had his first successful visit with a dentist. 
The first time he wouldn't even get in the chair. Visit number two, he would barley open his mouth.  The dentist referred him to a pediatric dentist to be knocked out so they could examine him. 
Umm, no thanks. 
I found a pediatric dentist myself and explained his anxieties, and they assured me he would love their practice and would help him get over his fears.  They were amazing!  He didn't want to leave and can't wait to go back!

Watching Scooby-Doo:

Great check-up and cleaning - no cavities!

Cute kid.

Day 16 - Learning Curve

The kids and I were playing with our old school spinning top this morning; I thought I would try and shoot it.  Always learning, I am.


Day 15 - I'm Gonna Pump You Up

Tried my 1st BodyPump class - I feel MUSCLEFIED!


Day 14 - Soccer Sunday

I play soccer on Tuesday nights, but every now and then, our women's 30+ team needs someone on Sunday. I love getting the call.

Bonus Photo:
We went to a baby shower and this Inukshuk was at the entrance to the neighbourhood.


Day 13 - Bedtime

Is it wrong that it is one of my favorite times of the day?

Day 12 - Game Night

A little bit of Friday night fun with the kiddies.  I won - hehehe.


Day 11 - Craft Aftermath

Holidays are a big deal around here. Declan loves any excuse to decorate - today we got started on Valentines Day.


Day 10 - Afternoon nap

Little miss catching a few zzzzz's on the couch this afternoon.


Day 9 - Mesmerized

Scooby-Doo calms the wild child; that, and a suss.

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Day 8 - Jake and his ball

Computer issues yesterday, so I have to post yesterdays photo today.

Meet Jake, our six year old miniature pincher mix (part min-pin part cocker spaniel).  He loves his balls, and incredibly, he can bark with one in his mouth.


Day 7 - Sunday morning

Coffee and the news, not a bad way to start a Sunday morning.


Day 6 - Georgie's Special

Pizza and movie night, yum.

Day 5 - Green Goddess

Went to one one of my favorite pubs, with one of my favorite people, saw one of my favorite bartenders and had one my my favorite snacks.  Happy Friday.


Day 4 - Thank you

Today was the funeral for Constable Ireneusz 'Eric' Czapnik.
I wanted today's photo to honor all the men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day.  We have several family members and friends on the force. It was a sad, sad day. I couldn't go to the funeral, but did watch some of it online, it was sad and beautiful.


Day 3 - The Green Monster

January 2010 marks the beginning of the Green Bin collection here in Ottawa.  Chomp, chomp.


Day 1 - Smile

Today I received these from my super cute and thoughtful nephew. You can't help but smile when a 5 year old gives you earrings.