Day 2 and Day 3

Busy weekend.  Yesterday I did a family photo shoot for a friend.  Day 2's picture is the only photo I took that wasn't of them.  A windmill at a local park. 

Day 2

Last night we went to a "Too early to call it a Christmas Party, Party".  It was a LOT of fun; good friends, good food, good music & lots of dancing!  I barely had the energy to take a photo today - I had a little too much fun thanks to today's subject.

Day 3


  1. Lisa, your windmill shot is beautiful and you don't have any snow? Oh my goodness, you lucky lady you! The party sounds like it was a blast and your second photo makes me extremely glad I quit drinking almost 5 years ago!

  2. Are those the Gatineau hills I see in the background ?

    Do you ever ask yourself if perhaps you didn't drink enough the previous evening because you're still thirsty in the morning ?